Our Students will Visit Zaragoza Logistics Center!

We are proud to announce that GBSB Global has an ongoing collaboration with Zaragoza Logistics Center, therefore our Master students will have the opportunity to participate in a full week of academic sessions!

ZLC is a part of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT), which is one of the most recognized universities worldwide which focuses on scientific and technological research. Furthermore, some of the best IT companies have arisen in relation with MIT and is ranked in division 1 for top World University Rankings in 2019, receiving a competitive score of 100.

Associated with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Zaragoza Logistics Centre (ZLC) is a research and training institute attached to the Universidad de Zaragoza and specialized in logistics and the supply chain. was founded in late 2003, with the objective of becoming an international center for excellence in research and education on logistics. It actively participates in industry and the public sector to develop and disseminate knowledge.

ZLC has recently been highlighted as Spain's best university centre, specializing in logistics and supply chain management, on the SCM World ranking. It also holds a leading position worldwide. ZLC is also the Spanish entity with most European projects in logistics research.

GBSB Global has partnered with ZLC to offer an exclusive opportunity for our Masters students, a FULL week of academic sessions. These sessions will take place May 13th-17th 2019. Each day will include incredible activities like visits to companies like ADIF, Itainnova, TMZ, and much more!

Furthermore, these sessions will combine the latest methodologies based on the concepts that support it, complemented by practical cases. It also will cover practices from Industry professionals, simulations and discussion groups that support an experiential learning approach, always under parameters of excellence!

A little about some of the companies:


Adif, is the Administrator of Railway Infrastructures, is a public business entity under the Ministry of Public Works. Adif plays a leading role as a catalyst in the railway sector, making rail the transportation means par excellence and facilitating access to infrastructure under equal conditions. Its objective is to promote Spanish rail transport by developing and managing a safe, efficient, environmentally sustainable infrastructure system with high quality standards.

Itainnova Technology Center

Itainnova Technology Center specializes in research and technological innovation. They also support companies through services, training and increasing their competitiveness through innovation.


TMZ stands for The Zaragoza Maritime Terminal which began operations in 2001. It was promoted by Mercazaragoza and the Port of Barcelona with the goal of promoting imports and exports from Aragón and all its area of influence. With its own rail facilities, today it is a top-level logistics hub on Spain's national scene and works towards optimizing intermodal cargo traffic. TMZ has a permanent connection with the main ports run by the State. It also possesses a rail connection to the national network, a direct link to the Vascoaragonesa motorway, the Madrid-Zaragoza dual carriageway, and, as a result, to the road network that links Zaragoza with the rest of the Peninsula.

We emphasize that this is an incredible learning opportunity for our students, not only gain knowledge but to immerse themselves in the concepts with the best of the best.

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