New Facilities Investment: GBSB Gets a Makeover

Over the past few months, students have been witnessing some major refurbishments on GBSB Global Business School Barcelona’s campus. These changes are in light of the GBSB’s ambitions to make the school a fun, attractive, and functional institution that offers some of the best conditions for unparalleled learning.

What has been done?

Let’s start out with the study areas. The interior designers organized three new study areas, one upstairs, that includes a high counter top, much like a long coffee bar, with charging points, where students can send off a quick email or put the final touches to a homework assignment before class. The other area is next to the library. This study area is arranged with tables and chairs, making it convenient for team projects and longer study sessions. This area has charging points for all devices, making it a more efficient space than that of the old cafeteria.

There is a new, slightly smaller cafeteria space next to the garden. This area has been fitted with another high-top counter and stools for eating and studying purposes. The area has a slightly larger offering, housing a new coffee machine, cold beverage machine and snacks. GBSB has contracted a new supplier that caters a healthier selection of snacks and sandwiches.

Student cafeteria, a remodel of the old, with new vending machines, fun snack bar, and microwave

There are plenty of chill, lounge spaces strategically located on every floor. These areas are arranged with comfortable arm chairs, coffee tables and fitted with charging points. The spaces can be used for reading, eating, or catching up with friends.

The summer is just around the corner and with the rise in temperatures approaching, air conditioners have been installed in all the classrooms on level -1.

As students make their way around campus, they will see familiar faces in new office spaces. The reorganization of the Academic department to the first floor helps to make the team more accessible to the students.

One of the most noticeable changes took place in reception. As the main welcome area and meeting point in the school, this area needed a fresh look that conveyed the standards, quality, and corporate branding of the school. With sleek minimalistic furniture and free-standing reception desk, it is the school’s hope that the reception area feels more inviting, a place to convene with friends, talk with professors and organize events.

The Bell meeting room also has a new conference table and sleek armchairs in the GBSB corporate colors. New chairs for student comfort have also been arranged in every classroom. Level -1 saw a complete refurbishment, from wall paper on the walls and new paint to the removal of the old wall in the library. All windows and doors have received a fresh coat of white paint, and the installation of new white vinyl has removed the old, school logo from the property.

It is with these refurbishments that GBSB Global Business School hopes that students feel inspired to learn and study on campus. GBSB values its student body and wants to provide the facilities that promote creative thinking, collaborative work, and effective learning.

Written by Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Content Manager

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