Introducing Multi-Campus Learning Format

Love to travel? Stuck weighing your options - taking a gap year versus pursuing your degree right away? GBSB Global has a creative solution for you. Transforming the world of business education, meeting the demand for flexibility and mobility, GBSB Global is now offering a unique learning format suitable for free-spirited, travel enthusiasts.

No need to feel locked down, forcing yourself to choose just one campus to study at for the entire duration of your Bachelor program. With GBSB Global’s new Multi-Campus learning format, Bachelor students can obtain their degree while studying between Malta, Barcelona, and Online.

Sounds too good to be true? Swap campuses at the start of each new academic year, and enjoy the excitement of new beginnings, meeting students from across the world and discovering the beauty of each location. Immerse yourself into the local cultures, experiencing 2 diverse European countries, whilst being assured your academic experience remains of the same quality across each platform and physical location. Enrich your network and learn to become more adaptable, gaining international experience and professional attributes the employers are looking for today.

Below are some examples of what distinguishes each campus and why studying abroad will help you foster a new aptitude for working across borders and learning international leadership skills:

1. Malta Campus

Study on the beautiful ‘island of innovation’. Enjoy not only its beautiful sandy beaches and rich history but also its highly advanced economy driven by tech and digitalization. This nation is a powerhouse for investment and entrepreneurship, host to an array of international startups and business conferences. With many support schemes available, administered by the Maltese government and local businesses, this is a perfect destination to start or continue your studies at, inspiring students to connect with businesses that may open a world of professional opportunities.

2. Barcelona Campus

Take advantage of our main campus, one of the first Microsoft Showcase Schools in Spain, featuring the latest digital tools and technologies. Attend major international conferences, intern with multinational companies, and explore 22@ - Barcelona’s center for innovation. An eclectic blend of new and old, Barcelona is one of Europe’s most visited cities for good reason. The vibrant cultural heritage, investment potential, and celebrated football team are only a few features that attract professionals and tourist alike.

3. Online Campus

Work at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Studying online provides students with the freedom to study when it is most convenient for their schedules allowing them to balance both professional and social demands. GBSB Global’s Online campus supplies students with the latest digital tools to navigate remote learning effortlessly. Often students will find this option to be the one with the greatest value developing time management skills and digital literacy.

No more struggles when it comes to choosing your ‘ideal study destination’. Have it all with this new learning format. Our three distinct campuses will prepare you to become an in-demand professional ready to meet the everchanging world of today. Your success awaits. Contact Admissions to ask all the questions before enrolling to embark on your exciting Bachelor journey.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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