GBSB Global’s Alumni Reunion!

GBSB Global’s first ever Alumni Reunion was a huge success! The event was hosted in Hotel Catalonia Barcelona near Plaça Espanya. Alumni were greeted by GBSB Global staff who had organized the event packed with innovative activities revolving around accomplishing your goals.

One of those activities was a speech/workshop given by professor Dr. Paul Moran who spoke to our Alumni about the importance of the topic of Goal Mapping and Designing Your Life. Now that our alumni have graduated and have spent some time following their own career paths it was a great chance to discuss what is the next step, what are their future goals and how can they keep track of their accomplishments in order to reach those goals.

In order to compliment this talk on goals and to transform words into reality, our GBSB Global marketing department created the GBSB Global Goal Mapping and Smart Planner.

The planner consists of a year long’s worth of tracking activities to help people accomplish their goals whether it be professionally, personally, and financially so that staying on track means following through on many different levels. As well as colored caps, those with the same color were put into groups and encouraged to follow up with each other in a months' time to see how well they are doing!

GBSB Global Goal Mapping and Smart Planner

Followed by these activities, our alumni and staff enjoyed a banquette dinner where they got to network and talk about what they have been doing since graduating from the school as well as where they are now. GBSB Global Managing director Antonio Rodríguez Engelmann gave a speech sharing his appreciation for alumni and the event as well as sharing some tips of his own. He also encouraged our alumni to participate in our G-accelerator Program, a fast track program to help students and alumni grow potential business ideas and projects!

Awards were given to our alumni based what they have accomplished since graduation and the winners were:

Career of the Year

Anna Tuset
Dmitry Obukhov
Ioannis Antonopoulus

Ioannis Antonopoulus – Business Development Specialist Europe at Swarovski

Entrepreneur of the Year

Danara Kassenkhan
Aiden McKevitt
Rosalie Abi Karam

Aiden McKevitt – Breakwater Marketing

Discovery of the Year

Ilia Rogachev
Lukas Gossler
Taylor Garrahan

Ilia Rogachev – Audit Assistant at KPMG

Ambassador of the Year

Shraddha Mavani
Mostafa Tarek
Akerke Makhanova

Akerke Makhanova – International Manager at Nazarbayev University

Special Recognition goes to

Mostafa Tarek & Ani Khachatryan for their special attention to GBSB Global and being a crucial part of our development.

If you are alumni winner who could not attend the event you can pick up your award at our Barcelona campus. Thanks to all staff who attended and worked hard to put on this event and to all our alumni who attended!

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  • GBSB Global Alumni Reunion at Barcelona on june 2019

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