GBSB Global Students Will Visit the Catalan Parliament on Friday May 19th

GBSB Global is excited to announce it students will have the opportunity to visit the Catalonian Parliament building in Ciutadella Park on Friday, May 19th. An extraordinary experience to attend, as students will be guided through the facilities where 135 members convene representing the four constituencies, the Catalan provinces. A unique opportunity to visit the unicameral legislature of Catalonia, autonomous community of Spain.

The building itself, with it noteworthy architecture looks very much like it did in the 1800’s when it was designed by the architect and military engineer, Própero de Verboom. It was under construction from 1716-1748. The building houses two-stories and an attic space. Its cross-shaped ground plan with central dome and four inner courtyards was constructed out of the stone quarried from Montjüic and terra cotta tiles. Later, dating back to the 20th century, busts of eminent figures associated with Catalan art were added. This was at the time when the building was converted into a municipal art museum, the Museu Municipal d’Art, following the failed attempt to move the royal palace into the structure.

In 1932, the Barcelona city council granted permission to the parliament to convene it first sessions in the building, a function only recovered after 40 longs years of dreaded dictatorship. It was in April 1980 that the building held it first formal session of the newly founded regionalized parliament and is still active in its activities today.

GBSB Global enjoys offering students unique opportunities to expand their knowledge and network. This visit in particular is geared towards the school’s BBA students; it looks at the political function of the Catalan Parliament in Spain and will analyze the similarities and differences compared to the wide range of political entities in the world. Students will have the chance to discuss their own country’s political situation and how it promotes or hinders business.

Catalan Parliament with a turbulent history is the seat to today’s regional institution

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