GBSB Global & Power-user SaS Alliance Surges Student Productivity

GBSB Global is proud to offer its students the capacity to make outstanding, professional presentations throughout their term of study with a newly established collaboration with Power-user, a top-productivity add-in for PowerPoint and Excel with over 100,000 users. Students have access to the Power-user SaS, a set of a dozen tools in addition to the normal capabilities found on the PowerPoint and Excel programs.

Power-user SAS is a company founded in 2015 and is based in Paris, France.

The first version of Power-user was released in December 2015, and was a tremendous success among professionals in consulting, finance and marketing. After less than six months of being on the market, Power-user had 50,000 users around the world.

What does this mean?

On a micro-scale, students can increase their efficiency and design sleek, modern content that is professional and makes an impact. From homework to business, students can work with the most advanced program and become a Power-user.

  • Exceptional and unique content can be created with easy access to hundreds of PowerPoint templates, icons, editable maps, dynamic diagrams and charts.
  • Automatic tools are used to clean and format student presentations, harmonizing colors, fonts, titles, languages and charts in one click.
  • All practical features are organized on a single tab, saving the user both time and energy, having to switch from tab to tab every few seconds.
  • A variety of distinctive Excel functions and utilities automate tediuous tasks, elevating students’ experience designing Excel spreadsheets and make work fun.

The time savings these features offer will play a key role in students’ overall academic productivity. Rather than focusing on formatting the slides, students can concentrate on the message. Time is valuable. Studying abroad for nine months, courses are intense.

Power-user SaS is a functional application that will change the way students use the Microsoft Suite. PowerPoint is a strategic program used to present information visually, win contracts and grow a business, but it can be time-consuming, the creative process, and requires a lot of labor cost. On a macro-scale , Power-user SaS assists companies by reducing costs and increasing sales, exactly what companies set out to do. Students will understand how implementing state-of-the-art design tools will have an effect on a business’ profitability and long term objectives.

For example, taken from the Power-user website, an employee in a firm can cost upwards of 80 000 € per year, and realistically spends three hours a day on PowerPoint &/or Excel. Implementing the Power-user program saves about 8000 € per year per employee with its optimized functionality. Compared to the initial investment, a company can see a turnaround in profits after only one week of using the application!

While GBSB Global is not calculating the numbers for employees, it is important to teach students about the significance of using a wide variety of tools to effectively operate a business and to stay competitive.

Power-user SaS does just that. By offering innovative programs and technology used in business today, GBSB Global provides students the rare opportunity to become acclimated with the tools shaping the world of business.

GBSB Global Business School is an academic institution established to challenge new economic circumstances and the constantly-changing times. The business school was founded at the request to build an educational environment which would provide an entirely newfound knowledge based learning model based on identifying the skills and competencies needed in today’s thriving marketplace.

To learn more about Power-user capabilities, check out their website or contact one of our admissions representatives today with your questions.

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