GBSB Global Business School Given Four Stars from QS World University Rankings

GBSB Global Business School is proud to announce, after an in-depth analysis was studied of its performance metrics and an independent data collection was taken under the QS Stars™ methodology, GBSB Global was awarded a Four Star rating. This acknowledgment is an honor. GBSB Global joins the ranks of some of the most upstanding universities in the world.

The QS Star Development Roadmap is founded on years of experience collecting institutional data and compiling the QS World University Rankings in addition to outlining the QS Global Top 200 Business Schools. Its primary objective is to provide institutions across the globe a broad range of criteria to be considered when distinguishing themselves in a particular area of academic excellence. Earning the Star designation is a visual signal to potential students evaluating an institution’s complexity and depth of learning.

The QS Rating System offers a detailed review of an institution and provides a closer look into its core values, such as campus facilities, internationalization and teaching quality, community engagement, program strength, inclusiveness, and social responsibility. Here is a brief synopsis of GBSB Global Business School’s evaluation. The school achieved the maximum ratings of five stars, a distinguishing feat, in four categories reviewed in this analysis: Internationalization & Diversity, Engagement, Program Strength, and Teaching & Student Quality.
GBSB Global Business School also went onto score high in Facilities, being assigned a four star rating in this category. This serves as a testament to the transformation our campuses have made to be the most state-of-the-art, offering students an unapparelled, technology-driven educational experience.

How does GBSB Global stack up?

In the Facilities category, GBSB Global stood out in both indicators, IT Infrastructure and Sporting and Event Facilities. These two areas are believed to provide students an important balance. Always having the most innovative technologies available on compass and on their mobile devices, student learning is enhanced. Not to mention, their ability to interact with both professors and their peers is paramount to the school’s curriculum and learning methodologies. At the same time, studies and being digitally active are not what the entire academic experience is all about. Showcasing GBSB Global’s extracurricular programming also allows potential students the opportunity to understand how important it is for our student body to find the right balance of work and play. This balance provides a basis for building a rewarding professional career where students have various outlets to engage in which promote more productivity and success in both the classroom and life.

Jumping into the Internationalization & Diversity category, GBSB Global Business School not surprisingly received top marks. A testament to our culture, GBSB Global Business School scored a perfect 100 out of the 100 points surpassing all the indicators in the Internationalization & Diversity category, attaining five stars. Among the five indicators assessed in this category, full points were awarded in each, International Diversity, Academic Partnerships, International Faculty & Students, and Gender Balance.

Promoting diversity on an international level is at the core of GBSB Global Business School’s values. With a representation of over 85 countries, our student body continues to welcome students from new nations from around the globe working to further expand its sphere of influence. Diversity has truly been that distinguishing factor that every graduate attest sets us apart. It’s an integral part of our institution that we take so much joy from as we watch our reach spread with every new intake, from Europe to Asia, from North America to South, from Australia to Africa and to the Middle East. Our students come from literally everywhere, and we take pride in the fact that our school encourages and supports our students’ exchange of ideas, opinions and innovative solutions that extend across borders and cultures.

QS World University Rankings understands that not all universities are created equally and therefore need to be measured by a variety of distinguishing categories that identify unique strengths. It also acknowledges that each student weighs the institution by their own individual factors, and just like one person from the next, and not all universities – even the highest ranked institutions – suit every student uniformly.

It is our hope that utilizing the QS Stars as a part of your research, as you explore what school fits your criteria for learning, will help you understand which universities have performed well against a comprehensive list of indicators. It is important that as a potential student you match your interests to the universities that align to the subject areas and interests that matter to you.

GBSB Global Business School is thrilled to be among a prestigious list of schools outlined on the QS Top Universities website that demonstrate their commitment to excellence in education.

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