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GBSB Global’s Summer School in Barcelona program provides the perfect opportunity for international students to capitalize on their break and get a head start on their education. This is an incredible chance for students to really take advantage of their resources to get ahead. In July 2022, for two consecutive weeks, students will delve into the area of digital business and will experience what life feels like to be an entrepreneur or a business leader in an innovative organization through their studies.


GBSB Global’s faculty of experienced business leaders weave theoretical learning in with more practical learning-by-doing methodologies. From case studies to Design Thinking, students are challenged to think creatively and find solutions to the problems we face in business today. Evolving with the advancements in technology, students will learn about the trends impacting digital business which include, but are not limited to KPI’s, SEO strategies, SMM and Google AdWords, entrepreneurship, the lean startup environment and how to navigate it, and open versus disruptive innovative strategies.

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Discover the wealth of knowledge GBSB Global’s experienced faculty, as business leaders themselves, brings to the classroom. During summer school in Barcelona, students will gain insights from our faculty’s real-life business and professional experience that spans the globe. Gain an in-depth understanding of the state of current trends, look at where the markets are heading and how the advancements in technology are having an immense effect on the way in which business is conducted today.


Summer school students will participate in several industrial visits. GBSB Global Business School arranges educational excursions to a wide range of companies not only for students to gain hands-on knowledge and expertise but to also offer them valuable networking opportunities with digital business professionals.


GBSB Global Business School students thrive in our learning-by-doing environment where professors intertwine theoretical education in with practical exercises. Students participate in a variety of pragmatic workshops during summer school in Barcelona, including Lego Serious Play – an advanced teaching methodology that inspires innovative thinking.


Meet with one of our professional career consultants one-on-one who can offer students guidance on their chosen academic program and outline the next steps they need to take on their way to realizing their potential and launching a successful business career.


GBSB Global Business School arranges cultural visits and excursions in Barcelona or Madrid during the summer, immersing students in another level of learning.


GBSB Global does their best to assist students in finding the best place to live abroad, but remember, Barcelona and Madrid are very popular tourist destinations in summer and accommodation is limited. Planning ahead makes this easier.


At the end of summer school in Barcelona, students who have successfully completed the coursework will receive a certificate and 4 ECTS credits which can be transferred to other business school or university of choice.


Anna Dubasova


Summer School 2019

"Meeting the entrepreneur Mr. Joad was the most impactful part of the course, and an experience I will take with me throughout my life. I absolutely loved the mix of theory with practical activities like the Lego Serious Play workshop. I enjoyed the lectures and think the coursework has prepared me to be more entrepreneurially minded."

Sandra Bakare


Summer School 2019

"I chose to attend summer school in Barcelona because of the theme of the coursework, digital business and innovation. It is outside of my primary studies in medicine, and I was looking for this. I wanted to invest time in something that would add to my skills. We had an excursion to the Amazon Fulfillment Center among a host of other cultural sites in Barcelona."

Youssef Elabd


Summer School 2019

"Barcelona, an amazing city to visit, is an ideal place to study. GBSB Global's staff, professors, and students are extremely helpful and friendly. The hands-on learning approach was great, and I can proudly say that I learned a lot from summer school. Digital business and marketing is the future, which is why this course was the perfect choice for any student aiming to build a career in the field. GBSB Global’s Summer School in Barcelona is suitable for everyone, even high school students like me."

Magnus Baumgarten


Summer School 2019

"The combination of the location and the topics was what sold me on the program. Digital innovations are everywhere right now. We had several different professors over the course of two weeks covering various aspects of business and organizing great team building opportunities. From my short time, I personally enjoyed the visit to the Amazon Fulfillment Center. It was a great experience spending my holidays in Barcelona learning."


Join us in the vibrant heart of Barcelona. During the height of summer, the city is alight with activity, and you will be in the center of it all. As a premier Microsoft School, you will experience the latest advancements in technology on our state-of-the-art campus located in the well-connected Eixample neighborhood. Enjoy all the amenities you would expect from a modern campus, co-working spaces, digitally-focused classrooms with interactive white boards and applications at your fingertips. Experience what it feels like to walk into a technologically connected world with unlimited possibilities. Our campus inspires innovative thinking, collaboration and advanced learning through practical training. During Summer School in Barcelona, you will study in small classes that foster not only deeper relationships with your peers but offer more opportunities to converse with professors one-on-one.

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What to do in Barcelona in summer?

From the white sand beaches of Barceloneta to Gaudi’s Parc Güell, there is so much to do during your stay in Barcelona. While you can step inside Sagrada Familia or the Picasso Museum for a cool down, you’ll want to get back out in the sun to experience Mediterranean living at its best. Indulge in paella at any one of the beachside bars dotting the entire stretch of the Costa Brava, or take a stroll through the back alleyways in Borne to find local shops selling artisan crafted jewelry and fine fashions from local designers. Experience the tech quarter also known as 22@district in Poblenou, a smart city project that promotes innovation and collaboration across numerous industries. Escape the city heat and visit the wineries, known for Cava production, hike up to Montserrat, venture to Girona or take a pilgrimage to the picturesque Montasterio de Sant Pere de Galligants. There is so much to see and do in Barcelona and the surrounding area that your days will be full from morning until night.

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Student must prove sufficient knowledge of the English language to be able to read and comprehend the material being taught.

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