G-Accelerator Day

Entrepreneurship & Innovation for a Greater Future

January 28th,2020 16:00
Plaça de Pau Vila, 1, Barcelona, 08003
Barcelona Tech City, Pier 01 (Naturgy space)

GBSB Global invites young and future entrepreneurs
to learn more about Spanish startup ecosystem.


• 16.00 – 16.30 Registration & welcome speech
What is G-Accelerator? What benefits does it offer to the young entrepreneurs?

• 16.30 – 18.00 The Holy Sh*t Show - the challenging future for millennials
What is the next after my studies?
Why is it important to me?
How to decide about my future?

• 18.00 – 19.00 Round table “Entrepreneur Challenges”
The entrepreneurial mindset. The joy and the miseries of becoming entrepreneur.
The Entrepreneur: Xavier Ruiz, Founder of smartmonkey.io
What the money is looking for. Is there an opportunity for social entrepreneurship?
The Investor: Lluis Bonell, Business Angel and Impact Investor
Empowering international entrepreneurship in a social responsible way
The Mentor: Jan Lachenmayer, Managing Director at enpact.org

• 19.00 – 19.30 GBSB Global Business School and G-Accelerator
What offers GBSB Global and G-Accelerator program for entrepreneurs?
How could we support you locally and internationally?
Speakers: Antonio Rodriguez Engelmann, Manager Director and Xavier Arola Perez, G-Accelerator Director at GBSB Global, Elisenda Tarrats, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Communication at UVic-UCC, Richard Hazenberg, Research Leader in the Institute for Social Innovation and Impact at the University of Northampton

• 19.30 – 19.40 G-Accelerator Awards

• 19.40 – 20.00 Catalan Government – Generalitat de Catalunya
Why Barcelona is a good place to start up. The importance of the International talent for Barcelona
Speaker: Joan Romero, CEO of ACCIO / Start up Catalonia



Lluis Bonell

Lluis Bonell:

Business Angel and Impact Investor
CEO and Founder of CIVS Capital Hub
Former CEO of Liberty Mutual Insurance International

Xavier Ruiz

Xavier Ruiz:

Tech Entrepreneur, Founder of smartmonkey.io

Antonio Rodriguez

Antonio Rodriguez Engelmann:

Manager Director at GBSB Global Business School

Xavier Arola

Xavier Arola:

G-Accelerator Director
Professor at GBSB Global Business School

Joan Romero

Joan Romero:

CEO of ACCIÓ / Catalonia Trade & Investment - Government of Catalonia

Elisenda Tarrats

Elisenda Tarrats:

Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Communication at University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC)

Richard Hazenberg

Richard Hazenberg:

Research Leader in the Institute for Social Innovation and Impact at the University of Northampton

Jan Lachenmayer

Jan Lachenmayer:

Managing Director at enpact.org

About G-Accelerator

G-Accelerator is an innovative program that seeks to help and assist young people who seek to launch an entrepreneurial endeavor. Whether the idea is in its infancy or has already received partial funding, GBSB Global Business School invites individuals to apply to the program in order to get expert mentorship and guidance in seeing their dreams become a successful reality.

Watch our interview with Xavier Arola Pérez, an expert CEO with over 20 years of experience, professor and a director of the G-Accelerator Program at GBSB Global, or visit our website to get more insights on the services provided.



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