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Take advantage of one of the most innovative programs, our Master in Communication and Future Marketing in Spain. In a world of digitalization, it is not enough to study the theory, but it is more important to take a practical approach to marketing and communications today. Engaging in the learning-by-doing methodology, students gain knowledge about the research being done today through case studies, company visits and networking with trade professionals. What’s in store for tomorrow? Acquire insight into trends and discover how to influence markets using data and analytics.


GBSB Global Business School’s Master in Communication and Future Marketing in Spain has earned numerous accolades for offering an upstanding education that is distinguishing. Ranked among the best schools to study Communication and Future Marketing in Spain, GBSB Global draws students from around the world, adding a phenomenal layer of diversity to its novel program.

master in Communications in Spain ASIC accredited

Fully accredited by ASIC approved by Ofsted and an affiliate of ENQA

master in Communications ACBSP Accreditation

Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

Master in Communications in Spain ECBE Accredited

MA Communication and Future Marketing is Accredited by the European Council of Business Education

master in Spain Awarded as a Five Stars by QS Ranking System

Awarded as a Five Stars Business School for Teaching Quality by QS Ranking System


Learning about SEO, social media management, digital business, advertising and neuromarketing, students gain insight and tools to become effective in communications across a broad spectrum of specialties. Create digital strategies, implement multi-media innovations and participate in team projects meant to simulate real world challenges.

Learn the Latest Advancements in Marketing Which Will Rule the Future


  • Digital Marketing
  • Experiential Brand Marketing

(Learning-by-doing: a consultancy study conducted by students and involving a real future marketing case)


Become an Expert in Communication and Learn How Communication Industry Changed with Appearance of Social Media


(Meetings with Managers & Company Visit*)


(Meetings with Managers & Company Visit*)

Practice What You Learned Through a Simulation Business Game and Innovative Collaboration Methodologies


(Agile Methodologies Workshop & Meetings with Managers*)


(A practical course in which the students practice the skills by participating in the online simulation game)

Become a Leader and a Global Manager by Obtaining the Skills to Manage Any Marketing & Communication Project or a Start-Up


  • Financial Strategies for Business Development
  • Entrepreneurial Project Management


  • Communication, Time Management & Leadership
  • Ethics & Responsibility


A practical group project in which the students perform an organizational analysis or audit, a case study or original research on a specific topic of interest.

* Workshops are subject to change. Meetings with managers involve guest speaker lectures on campus as well as practical visits to companies; the number of such meetings may vary.

Company Visits

Master in Communication students who study in Spain have the exceptional opportunity to engage with some of the top domestic and international communications and marketing firms. In the past students have met with professionals at Delloite, Estrella Damm, and MediaMarkt, only to name a few. These specially organized events provide students with the rare opportunity to tour the facility, network with their management team and staff, and ask questions about the communications practices and how they have evolved over time. Having big names in the industry of communications and marketing at our disposal in both Barcelona and Madrid provides students with a real-world connection to the profession in which they are entering, paving the way for potential career possibilities.

Image about GBSB Global visit Deloitte
Image about GBSB Global visit Estrella Damm
Image about GBSB Global visit MediaMarkt

Business Games & Simulations

Our Master in Communication in Spain incorporates advanced learning methodologies and takes a multi-media approach to learning. Every student has his/her particular style of learning, and we offer a wide range of learning processes to cater to the wide range of needs in the classroom. We feel this approach brings the material to life and makes it more engaging. Through the integration of case studies, situational analysis, simulation games and hands-on, learning-by-doing strategies, professors provide students with practical skills and research to support the concepts being discussed in class. In our Master in Communicstions in Spain, professors promote an agile methodology that helps students conceptualize what challenges they may face in real-life.

Image about Lego game
Image about Career Session
Image about Agile Fundamentals


During your studies, take advantage of our Career Development Center on campus, the latest career postings published on a variety of job portals exclusive to GBSB Global, professional career coaching and consultations, and an annual career fair on campus.

GBSB Global is invested in your future and wants you to feel equipped with not only the knowledge and practical tools but with the confidence and references to master any job interview and land your next big break!

Our Master of Communication in Spain offers unparalleled support from day one, from our professors and academic department to your peers and beyond, and we will continue to be a resource long after graduation.

Graduates are highly competitive and are quickly employed by celebrated names in the Communication and Future Marketing industry:
master communication Spain employment at apple
master communication employment company Maclaren
master communication employment company puig
Master in communication in Spain employment at Microsoft
master communication employment company british airways
master in communication in Spain employment company renaissance


Mostafa Tarek first studied communications engineering in Egypt before interning in Russia and working as a telecommunication engineer for Orange. After deliberating if he was on the right path, Mostafa realized his passion has always been football. This insight propelled him to transition to marketing, where he could focus on the area of sports. After beginning his studies at GBSB Global, he knew he was in the right place.

GBSB Global’s academics team helped support Mostafa make his dream come true when he got accepted as an organizer for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

His future plans, after having participated in the FIFA tournament in Russia are to either officially work for FIFA or apply to work for FC Barcelona at Camp Nou on their marketing team. Having made a change in his career, Mostafa couldn’t be happier with his decision.

To be qualified for admission to Master in Communication and Future Marketing in Spain, you must:
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Have earned a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) or higher;
be in the process of finalizing your Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent),
or demonstrate a high level of relevant professional experience

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Have a high level of English language

master communication fees image 3

Complete all required forms for admission and submit all required documents

Enrolment Fee (Paid upon Admission)

200 EUR

Annual Administrative Fee

950 EUR

Tuition Fee for the Program (60 ECTS credits)

7,750 EUR

Tuition Fee per Quarter (20 ECTS credits)

2,967 EUR

Tuition Fee per Academic Credit (1 ECTS credit)

148 EUR

(Visiting students)

Payment Conditions:

Minimum Advanced Tuition Payment (EU Students)

2,967 EUR

Due at the time of program acceptance

Minimum Advanced Tuition Payment (Non-EU Students)

4,950 EUR

Due at the time of program acceptance and a requirement to send visa documents

The remaining Tuition Fees are due the first Friday (Week 1) of the program

Master´s Program Duration: 3 Quarters = 1 Academic Year

A discount may be applied if the student choses to pay
the full amount at the time of program acceptance.

If payments are not paid by the deadlines, a penalty fee is applied as per Terms and Conditions.
Payments are accepted online or by bank transfers (commission charges may apply).
Program fees do not include accommodation, flights, insurance or program materials.
Students who wish to participate in Global Study Trips may do so by paying additional fees.



misozi tembo


Alumna 2017

"Studying for a Master in Communication and Future Marketing in Spain is a dream come true. The program is forward-thinking and well designed, the professors bring their wisdom and real-world professional experiences into the classroom, readying students for the world of marketing. In short, what I am learning is innovative, current, and applicable."

camille gardent


Alumna 2019

"At GBSB Global I learned to be fully autonomous. I chose this Master because it was offered in the evening, and I could have a mixed experience in Barcelona. I could work/internship during the day while studying at night. There are only a few schools that offer this. I learned about SEO, social media management, advertising and neuromarketing. I interned with Nike and will take on a permanent role as the Nike Paris’ Membership Brand Specialist, taking my knowledge learned at GBSB Global to create digital strategies and implement digital innovations at work."

shraddha kiran mavani


Alumna 2018

"My decision to come to Barcelona was because of the school. I love the curriculum; I feel the combination of communications with future marketing is rare. In India, the teaching methodology is more theoretical than practical and it lacks an approach in the area of research. I think GBSB Global gave me all that because I learned in terms of research, communications and marketing. One of the most exciting parts for me was the collaborating and working with people from different continents, different parts of the world."

mostafa tarek


Alumnus 2018

"My experience studying for my Master in Communication in Spain was really an imperative stepping stone on my career path. It helped me a lot in the sports marketing industry. I am still benefiting from my studies and the school through my contacts with my amazing professors and my multicultural classmates that have enriched my understanding of the world. There is a spirit of teamwork at GBSB Global that is invigorating."

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