International Business Training

GBSB Global Business School international business training programs provide professional education with courses on all aspects of international business and a focus on intercultural skills, global business environment and ethics. International business training programs offered at GBSB Global Business School are structured to develop the participants’ capabilities to add value, whether they are developing their careers in multinational companies, SMEs, start-ups or their own entrepreneurial projects.

Professional education participants can learn how business is conducted in the modern business environment within world regions of their interest, including Asia, Latin America, US, Europe, Russia and CIS, and Africa, and improve their international management competencies in order to be prepared for successful careers in international business management.

What We Do:

GBSB Global Business School works closely with small groups of business executives and professionals to help them get fast, measurable results in foreign markets that are right for them.

How We Do It:

Our international business training faculty team inspires and equips managers with knowledge, skills and confidence needed to take action on international markets.

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Continuous education at GBSB Global Business School empowers talented individuals and enables leaders, managers and entrepreneurs to realize their potential and maximize their contributions to their businesses and communities in an international playing field.

Executives who have completed our programs feel that they learn and see a real change in their responses to their ability to relate to colleagues or team members from different backgrounds, evaluate the opportunities and risks in international markets for their businesses and live and manage the challenge of constant travel or life abroad with more satisfaction on a personal level.

In this way, in company trainings and workshops provided at our business school in Barcelona has direct relevance to the participants’ lives and professional goals. 

Professional education can be delivered through in-company training, executive training courses and business workshops in the campus of our international business school in Barcelona, Spain, across Europe and internationally. Our faculty is international and expert guest speakers can be arranged as well. 

The topics for international business training may include but are not limited to:

  • International Business 101
  • Learning to speak Social Language in a Global Marketplace
  • Women in Leadership Positions
  • Intercultural Communications
  • Successful Finance Training
  • How to be Financially Profitable without Compromising Ethics
  • International Business Law and Organizations
  • International Negotiations
  • International Trade
  • Going to Market: International Business Expansion
  • Doing Business in Asia
  • Doing Business in China
  • Doing Business in Middle East
  • Doing Business in Russia and CIS
  • Doing Business in Latin America
  • Doing Business in Africa

The first business school in Spain with the focus on the world

Now more than ever, it is important for employees and professionals to keep up with all the latest skills and relevant knowledge necessary to compete in today’s workforce. While a traditional education is necessary in today’s workforce, it is also a cornerstone through which one can build a better future through professional education and international business trainings.

Often professionals and executives do not have time to attend full-time business education programs. Often, a need for a new skill appears unexpectedly. In this situation, continuous education is an accessible way to obtain new knowledge, gain skills, meet other executives and see how different practical problems can be approached.

Professionals can increase their understanding of how to do business in individual markets with a focus on the international business culture of each country. They can learn about business expectations, communication style, organizational and management styles and culture.

International business training programs provide vital training for companies involved with international sales teams, joint ventures or mergers or acquisitions and organizations facing diversity issues.

Professional education programs at GBSB Global Business School are practical with visits to companies and international organizations. Our professional education programs are offered in English and translation services can be provided when needed. The programs can be scheduled flexibly and it is possible for our professors to travel to your international offices.

We offer quality education through an innovative curriculum designed to develop knowledge of all aspects of international business along with intellectual flexibility, cultural literacy, ethics, intercultural communication skills, creativity, and a collaborative outlook. Participants in our programs are fully prepared to lead. 

GBSB Global Business School welcomes diversity. The participants of our professional education programs were students from every continent, from different ages, genders and religions. The diversity of our open programs and international business trainings is an important asset for professionals learning about international business.