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Why so many people choose to study Bachelor of Business Administration over Bachelor degrees specializing in anyother field? The answer to this question probably can be found in recent changes of world economy and growing level of industries’ globalization. 

Cleary, under the influence of changes undergoing worldwide, the perception of fundamental business principles is gradually reshaping. Nowadays, as business in general is also exposed to globalization, major multinational corporations do not need just a good manager with basic knowledge.

What they are looking for is a skilled and talented expert with a broad knowledge base, who is able to perform equally effective in different positions. Bachelor of Business Administration degree is essential for those whose goal is either to create a successful career or establish their own business of any kind.

Bachelor in Barcelona, Spain, one of the top business and most innovative cities in the world provides a great opportunity to lay a solid foundation of business administration combined with skills and in-depth knowledge in possible areas of specialization.

Successful completion of a Bachelor degree in GBSB Global Business School will guarantee that you have developed professional and personal skills required for working in business administration, and learnt from our highly qualified professors with vast experience in variety of fields, including global management, marketing, business development, law, and entrepreneurship.

Moreover, Bachelor in Barcelona is the best choice for those interested in sustainable business development. By combining the concept of ‘green’ development with ethical dimension of international business, GBSB Global Business School Barcelona had created and implemented an innovative approach to business.

Study european dual Bachelor degree

Dual Degree Option in Collaboration with Swiss UMEF University

Furthermore, GBSB Global Business School in collaboration with Swiss UMEF University offers special dual Bachelor degree, through which students will have an opportunity to obtain dual Bachelor degree in Business Administration.

Swiss UMEF University of Geneva, Switzerland, offers its students six major campuses in different parts of the world, up-to-date facilities for management, computer, law and political science, culturally diverse staff team consisting of more than 100 lecturers of different nationalities, ­­and is the perfect place for exploring international business world.

Dual Bachelor degree includes three years of Bachelor study in Spain at GBSB Global Business School Barcelona followed by last year of studies in Geneva, Switzerland, and provides a great chance not only to obtain a European degree, but also to get an experience of studying in international environment.

Apart from everything said above, studying in two different cities, in two different countries within a single Bachelor program provides a great potential for networking, establishing contacts with students and professors all over the world for future business career.

Among other things, Dual Bachelor degree in Spain and Switzerland by combining unique features of both countries provides possibilities for professional development which cannot be found elsewhere.


Laid-back and friendly Barcelona, being one of the most touristic places in the world, offers relaxed lifestyle and truly international ambient. However, as a host for Mobile World Congress among other innovative technological forums and events; this city in Spain is not only about beaches and nightlife – business is an essential part of city’s life.


On the other hand, Geneva, the second densely populated town of Switzerland, financial and worldwide center for diplomacy, hosts the biggest number of international organizations worldwide, including WTO, UN, and Red Cross Headquarters.  International environment positively impacts the education provided by Swiss UMEF University, as most of their professors, as well as some professors of GBSB Global Business School have experience working in organizations mentioned above.

Deciding to study Dual Bachelor degree in Barcelona and Geneva is a perfect opportunity to learn about sustainable and ethical global business administration along with enhancing your general business knowledge and improving professional skills.