Recruiting Our Students

At GBSB Global Business School we are committed to transferring expertise and knowledge, creating graduates who will bring value to your business. Our business school’s strengths lie in the innovative approach to business education, the quality of our teaching and the ability to train graduates capable to work everywhere in the world.

Our graduates:

  • Apart from their native language, speak English and have received training in Spanish, Russian, or Chinese languages.
  • Possess a solid knowledge of customs and history of societies all over the world, in places that are becoming part of the global marketplace, such as Russia and CIS, Latin America and Asia.
  • Have a strong grounding in business ethics and are aware of global sustainability issues.
  • Are capable to communicate well and work in teams.

We are happy to hear from different companies and organizations, big and small, private and public. We believe that the direct interaction between companies and students bridges the gap in business education and makes theory closer to practice.

GBSB Global Business School offers a range of excellent opportunities for you to promote your undergraduate and graduate vacancies, meet with our students and share you expertise.

Get involved in events on campus Advertise vacancies Interview on campus

Present your company – presentations offer you the opportunity to meet with our students and let them know what you are looking for in an application, what your recruitment plans are, and what makes you different from the competitors.

Workshops, seminars, conferences – participate and offer an insight into your company’s culture. If you have an interesting subject to discuss or you need to listen to an opinion of the future business graduates, let us know and we will organize an event especially for your company on our campus.

You can advertise any type of student vacancy in our intranet, from part-time work to internships, placements and graduate jobs. Our campus facilities provide an ideal location to interviewing students. We can offer administrative support and offer free rooms where you can interview groups of our students at a time convenient for you and them.

We look forward to working with you and welcoming you to our campus!

For more information, please contact us at (subject Companies and Partnerships)