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GBSB Global & Power-user SaS Alliance Surges Student Productivity

GBSB Global Business School Student Productivity

GBSB Global was founded at the request to build an educational environment which would provide an entirely newfound knowledge based learning model based on identifying the skills and competencies needed in the world marketplace. GBSB Global provides students the exceptional opportunity to become familiarized with the tools influencing the way businesses are operated today.

Live Close to the Madrid Campus: What Barrios Students Should Consider Studying Abroad

GBSB Global Business School in Madrid. Live Close to the Madrid Campus

Are you studying abroad at our GBSB Global Business School Madrid campus? Trying to get the lay of the land or an understanding of the 21 barrios, or districts, that make up Madrid can be overwhelming. Let us break down the five barrios that are close to the GBSB Global Business School Madrid campus and what makes them unique.

Finding Your Community Away from Home: Armenian Resources

GBSB Global Business School Armenian Resources

GBSB Global embraces diversity and provides support through a series of community guides helping students make Barcelona feel like home. While there are approximately 40,000 Armenians living in Spain, a significant number of the whole, 12,000 live in Barcelona. While the numbers seem great, the resources are quite limited, but with no less heart. The Armenians living in Barcelona are very active and eager to welcome students.


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