GBSB Global Launches Summer School

Summer is here, and there is no better time to hit the books. GBSB Global launches its inaugural summer program July 9-20, 2018. While the temperatures are on the rise, stay cool inside as GBSB Global introduces its Digital Summer School for the first time, encouraging students to get ahead and deepen their studies. This summer, GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona welcomes students from Mexico, Japan, Georgia, Portugal, Germany, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Chile, and the Russian Federation.

This innovative program is designed to introduce students to the current trends in the ever-changing digital environment and the vision and global approach to digital operations. Students will learn about SEO, digital marketing, social media strategies, design thinking, product generation and innovation theories. Professors Stephen Harrison, Eva Gundermann, Laura Breso, Judit Esteban and Anabel Diaz will share incredible insight into the digital realm and their own, real world experiences in digital business with students, contributing to a more profound learning experience.

Located in the heart of Barcelona, students can still participate in the jovial festivities showcased throughout the city during their studies. GBSB Global’s Digital Summer School program is a wonderful complement to students’ current coursework in innovation, entrepreneurship, business, marketing and communications. Making the investment, taking full advantage of the long, hot days of summer, gives students the competitive edge over their peers and colleagues. Our state-of-the-art campus offers students the ideal location and facilities, offering balance between work and play, making studying at GBSB Global truly a memorable experience.

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