GBSB Global launches Bachelor Scholarship Awards for new Malta Campus!

GBSB Global strongly believes that studying abroad gives rise to the next generation of successful globally minded leaders – and we want more of you to be able to join us.

Hence why we proudly offer a series of Bachelor Business Scholarships, covering from 30% up to 90% of your tuition fees for your first academic year studying at our new Malta Campus.

At GBSB Global we call for all students to focus on achieving their professional goals while maximizing the experience of a lifetime. With your Scholarship, you will live and study at the heart of thriving Malta, actively developing academically, professionally and personally.

On a daily, you will get to network extensively, experience international culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the locals, other peers and academics from across the globe. On completing your studies, you will leave GBSB Global equipped with the knowledge and networks necessary to bring your own entrepreneurial ideas to life.

Scholarships will be awarded for the October 2021 intake. Applications are open to all students eligible to study for a Bachelor degree at our European graduate school (please refer to eligibility specifications listed on the Scholarship Awards page).

Only 20 possible winners in total! Apply now. Application period ends on April 31st, 2021.

Now, let’s get you a step closer to your next great adventure! Learn more about different types of Scholarships on offer, before choosing which one suits you best to apply for:

Inspiring Intellectuals and Professional Growth

Whilst there is no ‘typical’ Global Excellence Scholar, we are looking for young prosperous individuals with true passion, pioneering ideas, and a high drive for excelling as future professionals across different areas.

From our experience, managing worlds leading digitally focused, future-proof programs, we know how to inspire intellectual and professional growth, when bringing academics from different disciplines together so that knowledge and human expression thrive across borders. If you are a talented all round player, apply now!

Giving Rise to Global Leaders of Tomorrow

In today’s interconnected world, competent leaders are of great importance and extremely high in demand like never before. GBSB Global is committed to preparing well skilled and industrially experienced graduates to set foot as confident professionals to thrive in our modern global society.

The Emerging Leader Scholarship was designed to enable all outstanding budding leaders from across the world to pursue state of the art, world class education to go on to provide the solutions, influence and leadership needed to create a better future for all.

Advancing Digitalization and Innovation across Disciplines

As a Microsoft Showcase School and thus Digital Leaders, we recognize the power of modern education and are fiercely committed to empowering future professionals with cutting edge educational and professional opportunities that keep pace with the 21st century.

As we continue to usher into the era of omnipresent technology, that has been reshaping our everyday life, GBSB Global is looking for original, creative, ambitious, digitally savvy, entrepreneurial minds to apply for the Digital Enthusiast Scholarship, to ensure future facilitation of outdated processes, whilst contributing to the rise of entirely new business sectors and maintaining global economy of tomorrow.

Ready to apply?

Once again, make sure to visit our Scholarship Awards website page for all the information you need in order to successfully submit your Scholarship application. We encourage you to review it fully in order to ensure that you have the best possible chance of being selected for an award.

Best of luck with the application and fingers crossed see you soon!

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