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Join GBSB Global’s free open webinar with Dr. Marko Turk. Learn about the main digital transformation trends impacting today's learning offerings, embracing new tech tools and practical skills fundamental to innovative academic and professional opportunities in the new global educational reality.


Future-Proof Careers in Online Education: Instructional Designer
by Dr. Marko Turk

The shift towards a modern digital world has had a measurable impact on the inner workings of education, incorporating the newly available technical tools and innovative teaching practices into the study process. Online education has evolved radically over the recent years, addressing the limitations of face-to-face learning. How can those within the Learning and Development industry create the most effective training designs for specific groups of learners ensuring that students receive instructions in a form that’s most impactful and meaningful to them specifically? Instructional Design is the process that focuses on achieving successful E-Learning, creating novel career opportunities centered around the development and implementation of online courses that meet specific educational goals. Discover what is necessary for educational leadership in today’s global digitalized environment with Dr. Marko Turk's webinar.

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Dr Marko Turk is a professor of higher education pedagogy at the School of Advanced Studies, University of Tyumen. He holds an MA degree in Pedagogy (M.Ed.) and Philosophy (MPhil) from the University of Rijeka (Croatia) and a PhD in educational sciences, with a specialization in higher education pedagogy from the University of Zagreb (Croatia).

He has been working in academia since 2007, and his research and teaching interests are related to broader topics in higher education (HE), such as teaching and learning, instructional design, professional socialization, and well-being in academia. He was a holder of research scholarships at Oxford University (the UK), University of Twente (the Netherlands), Kassel University (Germany) and Lausanne University (Switzerland). He won the award as the best junior researcher and teaching assistant in social sciences in 2013. Also, as a co-teacher, he won the prize for the best online course in the academic year 2012/2013. He is an external expert and evaluator for higher education accreditation agencies in Slovakia, Serbia, Poland, Romania and Curacao.


NOV 11TH, 17:00 (CET) ONLINE

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