GBSB Global Scholarship Awards for October 2021 Intake, Malta Campus

Terms and Conditions

1. General Description

GBSB Global Business School Scholarship Awards were created to demonstrate the institution’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development goals with an aim to provide young, talented, international individuals with an opportunity to earn a state-of-the-art Business Bachelor degree in Europe.

2. Program Name

Following the successful acceptance by the GBSB Global Admissions Committee, the scholarship holder will be enrolled in the 1st year of the Bachelor (B.A.) of Business Administration and Digital Innovation Program and will also be eligible to choose from one of the offered specialization courses. For full information about the program, please refer to the official website:

3. Location

Scholarship holders will be enrolled at GBSB Global Business School’s new campus in Malta, located at: 67 Old Railway Track, BKR, 9076, Birkirkara, Malta.

4. Study Dates

Scholarship holders are required to attend the October 2021 Intake at the Malta campus and start classes according to the school’s Academic Calendar, as specified on the GBSB Global website:

5. Application Requirements

Applicant must:

  1. Be between the age of 18-23 (inclusive)
  2. The entry profile should include one of the following:
    • A/S or A levels at the appropriate level or the Matriculation Certificate Exam with three subjects exams with grades of A, B, C or D
    • International Baccalaureate Diploma with 34 points overall or the IB Diploma with specific achievement in higher/standard level subjects
    • GCSE/IGSCE "O" Levels: five subject exams with grades of A, B, C or D, and A/S or A Levels: three subject exams with grades of A, B, C or D
    • AP Program
    • Other high school leaving certificate or equivalent (other educational systems)
  3. Provide proof of English language proficiency:
    • English as a native language
    • TOEFL - Minimum score: 213 (computer based), 79/80 (internet based), or 550 (paper based)
    • IELTS - Minimum score: 6.0
    • Cambridge ESOL, Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) - Minimum score: C
    • English used as a language of instruction during previous studies in the formal educational system
    • Internal English level testing at GBSB Global
  4. Complete all of the required application forms and submit all of the required documents in full for the Admissions Committee’s review

6. Eligibility & Scholarship Types

Global Excellence Scholarship

Description: The Global Excellence Scholarship is awarded to students with a proven overall outstanding merit.

These achievements can be on an academic, professional and/or personal level.

Applying students must showcase their past accomplishments and specify how earning a degree would help them continue their success in the future.

The Global Excellence Scholarship will be awarded to students with the most exceptional applications.


Academic – Minimum 3.6 GPA (or equivalent) or top 5% of class;

Personal – Demonstrate proven success on a personal level in your home country via awards/certificates/ recommendations and/or any other attained credentials.

Maintaining eligibility:

  • Minimum 80% attendance;
  • No discipline infractions according to the student Code of Conduct

Emerging Leader Scholarship

Description: The Emerging Leader Scholarship is awarded to candidates with exceptional leadership and managerial skills achieved across academic or other professional fields.

Applying students must detail their past leadership experiences, from projects to team management, specifying how one’s successful supervision led to recognized achievements.

Additionally, candidates must describe how earning a degree would further aid their development and facilitate their future success in leadership.


Academic – Minimum 3.0 GPA (or equivalent);

Personal – Provide detailed descriptions and photographic evidence of relevant honors, achievements and/or awards earned for exceeding average standards in one’s academic, work or volunteer ambitions as a leader.

Maintaining eligibility:

  • Minimum 80% attendance;
  • No discipline infractions according to the student Code of Conduct

Digital Enthusiast Scholarship

Description: The Digital Enthusiast Scholarship is awarded to candidates excelling in digital employment, creativity and tech innovation.

Applying students must demonstrate how digitalization has been central to their daily operations in past attainments, from media influencing to product development.

Applicants will be expected to convey their enthusiasm for digital innovation as a part of a brief project presentation and must explain how earning a degree would support their digital journey and incite further professional development.


Academic – Minimum 3.0 GPA (or equivalent);

Personal – Present a brief project presentation (including screenshots/links to developed product/service) or demonstration of one’s other relevant achievements validating digital literacy.

Maintaining eligibility:

  • Minimum 80% attendance;
  • No discipline infractions according to the student Code of Conduct

7. Application Dates and Stages

Stage 1. Complete Pre-application Form

Stage 2. Pass an Interview with the Admission Officer

Stage 3. Compete Scholarship and Application Form

Stage 4. Assessment by the Admission Committee

Stage 5. Contract Signing & Tuition Fees Payment

8. Participation Procedure. Stage 1

Students participating in the GBSB Global Scholarship Awards must complete the pre-application form located at:

9. Participation procedure. Stage 2

All preselected candidates will be invited for their personal interviews with one of the school’s Admissions Officers. During the interview each candidate will be evaluated using the Admissions Interview Rubric Form.

10. Participation Procedure. Stage 3

Students participating in the GBSB Global Scholarship Awards must complete:

List of required documents:

  • Copy of your valid passport or European Union ID
  • Copy of your high school diploma or transcripts
  • Letter of motivation
  • CV
  • Letter(-s) of recommendation
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Passport-size photo (35x45 mm)
  • Signed copy of the Terms and Conditions
  • Completed Scholarship Application Form
  • Be ready to provide additional information and/or documents upon special request from GBSB Global Admission Officers

The student must ensure that the application form was sent correctly and will receive a confirmation email from the school assuring this. In case the confirmation email was not received, the student must contact the school at

The student is responsible for completing all the missing fields and attaching all the necessary documents. In the case that some documents are missing, a student’s application will be rejected.

11. Participation Procedure. Stage 4

The Admission Committee is responsible for the full evaluation and pre-selection of successful candidates. Selection will be based upon the following criteria:

  • Full documents pack provided – passed/disqualified
  • Interview Rubric (15%)
  • Academic Grades (15%)
  • English Language Proficiency (15%)
  • Quality of Motivation Letter (15%)
  • Recommendation Letter (15%)
  • Certificates, awards and/or other recognitions (25%)

The results will be communicated to the student by an Admissions Officer by email or phone. The Admissions Officers will announce the final score to each candidate individually, without any additional clarifications or comparison to other candidates.

12. Available quantity and outstanding tuition fees per each type of scholarship

Gold Scholarship

1 Available Place

90% Discount

875 EUR

Silver Scholarship

4 Available Places

50% Discount

4375 EUR

Bronze Scholarship

15 Available Places

30% Discount

6125 EUR

Standard Rate (No Scholarship)


No Discount

8750 EUR

Scholarship holders will also need to pay:

  • Registration Fee (Paid annually for every academic year of the program) 200 EUR
  • Administrative Fee (Paid annually for every academic year of the program) 950 EUR

The scholarship only covers the first year of the study program. Tuition fees for consecutive, second and third, years of study are 9 900 EUR per each academic year (including registration and application fees).

13. Participation procedure. Stage 5

All Scholarship Awards winners will receive an official email offer containing a Payment Plan document and must reply, either accepting or rejecting this offer, within 7 days of its receipt. Failure to respond within this 7-day period may result in the scholarship offer being withdrawn.

Successful applicants, with accepted offers, must pay all outstanding tuition fees by the given deadlines, as stated in their individual payment plans. The failure to pay may result in the scholarship being altered, withdrawn or reassigned to another candidate.

14. Responsibilities of the Institution and the Applicant

GBSB Global Business School must:

  • Provide the Applicant with a fair opportunity for application.
  • Communicate with the Applicant in accordance with the designated deadlines via email or phone.
  • Provide the Applicant with all the relevant information about the payment conditions via an individual payment plan.
  • Provide the Applicant with a full document pack that is necessary for the student’s visa application, after receiving all outstanding tuition fee payments from the Applicant.

The Applicant must:

  • Guarantee the truthfulness and thorough completion of the provided information in the application.
  • Comply with all of the application conditions and deadlines (this includes communicating in a timely manner and the prompt acceptance of the offered scholarship).
  • Pay all outstanding tuition fees by the given deadlines in accordance with one’s payment plan.
  • Apply for and obtain a valid visa, if applicable, to travel to and study in Malta for the duration of the course.
  • Arrive on campus and register to one's academic course by the given start date.
  • Maintain one's living costs in Malta for the duration of the program of study. The scholarship has no provision for the cost of living. Additional financial support is not available

15. Other Terms and Conditions

Other rules regulated by the General Terms and Conditions of GBSB Global Business School.