Master in Marketing Management in Spain

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9 months

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Full Time
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From brand and sales management to digital marketing and product development, students who study for their Master in Marketing in Spain will learn from industry experts who use a multi-media approach to bring learning to life with a practical approach executed in a state-of-the-art classroom. Stay ahead of the trends and learn about SEO, analytics and neuromarketing. As fast as technology changes, so do trends in online marketing. Learn from leaders in the field who manage their own businesses or consult for big name marketing firms across the globe.


GBSB Global Business School’s Master in Marketing Management in Spain has earned numerous accolades for offering an upstanding education that is distinguishing. Ranked among the best schools to study Marketing management in Spain, GBSB Global draws students from around the world, adding a phenomenal layer of diversity to its novel program.

master of Marketing in Spain ASIC accredited

Fully accredited by ASIC
Approved by Ofsted and an affiliate of ENQA

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Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

Master in Marketing in Spain ECBE Accredited

Recognized by Microsoft as a leader in digital education

master in Spain Awarded as a Four Stars by QS Ranking System

Awarded as a Five Stars Business School for Teaching Quality by QS Ranking System


Our Master in Marketing in Spain’s curriculum is specially designed using agile methodologies that give students the lead to make decisions about their education and what path to follow. GBSB Global supports students higher learning and fosters a collaborative approach that traverses borders and challenges we face in marketing today.

Optional Intensive Free Spanish Language Course for Beginners

Become an Expert in Marketing Management by Nailing the Core Marketing Skills

  • Marketing Management
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Retail Management
  • Going to Market: Managing the Channel & Sales Force
  • Brand Management

Be in Demand by Developing Skills in Digital Marketing, Creativity and Trends in Consumer Behavior

  • Digital Marketing
  • Creativity and Psychology of New Product Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Consumer Behavior

Experience Case Study Teaching Methodology and Participate in L’Oreal Brandstorm Challenge

  • Cases in Strategic Marketing

(This module prepares students to participate in the international competition organized by L’Oreal; students will be required to solve real case studies provided by L’Oreal)

Understand the Marketing Function in the Broader Organizational Context

  • The Government and Legal Environment of Business
  • Research Methods in International Business
  • Global Strategy and Management

Become a Leader and Hone Your Interpersonal Skills

  • Leadership and Managing Multicultural Teams
  • Ethics and Responsibility
  • Cross-Cultural Negotiations and Communication

Tailor Your Program by Choosing Two Electives*

  • Enabling Gamification through Digital Technologies
  • Agile Methodologies and Design Thinking
  • Importing and Exporting in a Global Market
  • Global Project Management


A practical group project in which the students perform an original research on a specific topic of interest in the area of marketing management.

* Elective Courses are Subject to Change & Availability.


GBSB Global´s Master in Marketing Management in Spain takes an agile approach to learning. Students are engaged in their learning and our experienced professors design classes that incorporate different forms of media to accommodate a wide range of learning styles that compel students to think outside-the-box. At GBSB Global we incorporate case studies, design thinking, learning-by-doing and mind mapping into our research-based curriculum. Classes are small, catering to every individual. Students are asked to work collaboratively in teams and autonomously, simulating the working conditions in a fully operational marketing agency.

Business Games & Simulations

GBSB Global’s Master in Marketing in Spain integrates the Lego Serious Play workshop into its program. This activity asks students to take an alternative approach to business development, innovation, marketing, strategy, service and production and conceptualize legos as a reproduction of products and/or services offered in the real world. It is a practical, hands-on approach to business development where students are required to find develop solutions to everyday problems and present their creations. This is only one example of the business games and simulations that are offered by our professionally certified professors.

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Company Visits

During their Master in Marketing studies in Spain, students have the unique opportunity to visit notable companies in various marketing sectors. Recent trips have been to Talent Garden, a coworking space that is home to digital and tech professionals. These highly skilled individuals seamlessly work together in a creative environment sharing insights, exchanging competencies and brainstorming innovative ideas. Among other companies like Garage Beer, originally a beer pub opened in 2015 has since transformed into a modern brewery. The company discussed with students how they took their startup and scaled their marketing efforts to become a thriving local business. Students with an interest in hospitality may find these visits insightful. In a very tourism-centric country, students also toured YUMM!, a Barcelona startup in the Food Tech industry. A variety of other industries are explored offering students the prime opportunity to discover their particular area of focus.

Image about GBSB Global visit LG
Image about GBSB Global visit Garage Beer
Image about GBSB Global visit YUMM


Ramon Vila, Director of Vision Community spoke with GBSB Global students about tactic strategies and the entrepreneur experience. Vila gave students an overview of his company’s entrepreneurial endeavors, the startup challenges and setbacks, and how they have scaled their operations over the recent years. Our professors in the Master in Marketing in Spain are professionals with expansive networks to draw from and invite colleagues who can share real life experiences, both successes and failures in the world of marketing. Presentations like these serve as a taster for students, providing them with the unique opportunity to visualize themselves in action. Vision Community enjoys connecting with students, and these engagements fall in line with their #communicationforaction purpose, an initiative fixed on developing communications strategies that transform the community.


For Keti Tavartkiladze, the concept of career implies not only financial well-being and growth potential but also the fulfillment of one’s personal needs. In fact, the lack of fulfillment is what propelled Keti to leave her career and husband in Georgia and pursue a huge change in her plans. She left corporate finance in her country because she wanted to be involved in a field which demands innovative thinking and creativity. She enjoys meeting and communicating with a variety of individuals from all walks of life, from every corner of the world. She thrives on the ability to study many different subjects such as music, literature, cinema, painting and so forth. Art especially is a big draw. For this reason, Barcelona was the perfect city for her to live and study. She has studied many aspects of marketing that she never could have imagined existed before. Neuromarketing and innovative marketing are two such subjects and courses she took, taught by two exceptional professors. These classes motivated Keti to continue her studies and ultimate career in online marketing.

Outside the classroom, Keti admits she can’t forget the friends she made during her studies at GBSB Global. She shared classes with people with different backgrounds, cultures, mentalities and thoughts.

Nothing could be as interesting as sharing the experience she had with such a diverse community of individuals. Studying at GBSB Global was, without a doubt, one of the greatest decisions of her life.

To be qualified for admission to Master in Marketing management in Spain, you must:
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Have earned a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) or higher;
be in the process of finalizing your Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent),
or demonstrate a high level of relevant professional experience

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Have a high level of English language

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Complete all required forms for admission and submit all required documents

Enrolment Fee (Paid upon Admission)

200 EUR

Annual Administrative Fee

950 EUR

Tuition Fee for the Program (60 ECTS credits)

13,490 EUR

Tuition Fee per Quarter (20 ECTS credits)

4,880 EUR

Tuition Fee per Academic Credit (1 ECTS credit)

244 EUR

(Visiting students)

Payment Conditions:

Minimum Advanced Tuition Payment (EU Students)

4,880 EUR

Due at the time of program acceptance

Minimum Advanced Tuition Payment (Non-EU Students)

6,745 EUR

Due at the time of program acceptance and a requirement to send visa documents

The remaining Tuition Fees are due the first Friday (Week 1) of the program

Master´s Program Duration: 3 Quarters = 1 Academic Year

A discount may be applied if the student choses to pay
the full amount at the time of program acceptance.

If payments are not paid by the deadlines, a penalty fee is applied as per Terms and Conditions.
Payments are accepted online or by bank transfers (commission charges may apply).
Program fees do not include accommodation, flights, insurance or program materials.
Students who wish to participate in Global Study Trips may do so by paying additional fees.



jad haidar


Alumnus 2015

"The integration of communication within the marketing field and certain courses in the curriculum gave me a new perspective on marketing and helped me acquire new skills to better my understanding of the market. I really liked studying in Barcelona because it was a cultural melting pot in comparison to where I grew up in Lebanon."

misozi tembo


Alumna 2017

"Studying for my Master in Future Marketing was a dream come true. The program is relevant and well curated; the professors bring their professional wisdom and real world experiences into the classroom, effectively preparing students for the employment market. In short, what I learned is innovative, current, and very applicable to the field of marketing today."

symbat auanova


Alumnus 2016

"Deciding to study in Europe and study for my master in Barcelona was the best decision in my life that has not only effected my career but has had an immense impact on my personal development. I chose GBSB Global Business School in Spain because of the school’s individualized approach and dedication to diversity. My friends at GBSB Global come from around the world and I have had the opportunity to learn from them about their different cultures and perspectives on business. Our professors provided business insight and shared their own life experiences, readying us for the next phase of our careers. I loved the practical approach to the program. I am so happy to have made the right decision."

keti tavartkiladze


Alumna 2017

"I am really thrilled to be here. I have studied many aspects of marketing that I had no idea about before. Neuromarketing and innovative marketing were my two of favorite courses, both taught by brilliant professors. These subjects convinced me to continue my future career in online marketing. I cannot forget the friends I have made here. I shared classes with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Nothing can be as interesting as sharing the experience with such a diverse community of people. Studying here at GBSB Global in Spain was, without a doubt, one of the greatest decisions of my life."

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