G-Accelerator Partners

These alliances and agreements aim to provide advantages for the G-Accelerator start-ups in their different developing stages. They will aid in topics like networking, knowledge, training, access to capital markets, legal advisory and much more.

G-Accelerator current partners:

G-Accelerator partner Crowdcube logo

Crowdcube is the biggest European equity crowdfunding company that provides specific advantages for the G-Accelerator start-ups in their funding rounds by having a lower success fee in closing financial deals.


G-Accelerator partner Marinel-lo logo

Marinel-lo, is an independent law firm that provides multidisciplinary legal advice to clients, will provide preferential service for G-Accelerator start-ups. Participants will have the chance to receive tailor-made conditions according to needs and circumstances of each individual project.


G-Accelerator partner Enpact logo

Enpact is a German non-profit organisation that aims to strengthen economic relations between young start-up entrepreneurs across Middle East, Africa, and Europe. It provides students with mentorship and training and gives valuable policy recommendations.


G-Accelerator partner APTKI logo

APTKI is a Barcelona-based financial services company that helps new raising startups, providing them with strategic and financial development opportunities.


G-Accelerator Sponsors:

Moreover, G-Accelerator is open to discuss open innovation programs with companies through its sponsors membership program. The sponsors membership program aims to promote innovation in companies through external start-ups with specific challenges. This is achieved by using entrepreneurial ideas that could improve their own processes and boost innovation.

For more information on how to become a sponsor, please send an email to: g-accelerator@global-business-school.org