Accelerator Mentors

GBSB Global is providing an incubator, accelerator and mentoring services program: the G-Accelerator program, dedicated to support both GBSB current students and former graduates as well as external applicants that are looking to initiate their new venture. G-Accelerator is looking to support new ideas and existing ventures, focusing mainly but not limited to the tech and digital field. In order to reach this ambitious goal, the G-Accelerator needs the best mentors to inspire our future entrepreneurs.

Reasons to Become a Mentor

A mentor is usually a person that has attained a wealth of experience throughout his/her professional life. This was possible thanks to his/her talents and dedication, but also because the society around the mentor let him/her perform at the highest level.

Mentoring and helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses is another way to give back to the community. A successful entrepreneur means more jobs, more innovation and a healthier society. Any person that can help an entrepreneur be successful is also helping society as a whole.

What is G-Accelerator looking for?

G-Accelerator is looking for mentors that have plenty of experience and an in-depth knowledge of any field involved with the creation and growth of a business, running a business themselves, working as professionals at high level or being active as a teacher. We are looking for mentors having expertise in one or more fields:

  1. Lean start-up and customer & business model validation
  2. Creation and execution of sales plans and managing sales teams
  3. Financial and operational analysis
  4. Business management and strategy
  5. Manufacturing and distribution/logistics
  6. Marketing and communication, market positioning
  7. Start-up launching and scaling a business internationally
  8. How to attract funding and build investment proposals
  9. Team management and leadership coaching
  10. Industrialization

And also in specific sectors as:

Apps, Audiovisual, Big Data, Blockchain, Branding, Business Plan, Cloud Computing, Commerce, Contence, Customer experience, Design, e-learning, Ecommerce, Collaborative Economy, Strategy, Finance, Traning, Gambling, Games, Innovation, Internationalization, Investment, IoT, Legal, Logistics, Marketing, Mobile, Mobility, Product, PropTech, Advertising, RR.HH., SaaS, Sales, SEO, Social Media, Software, Telecom, Travel, Tourism, UX/UI.

As mentioned above, having experience in other incubators/ accelerators / start-ups / businesses will be considered as a plus. A good knowledge of both written and spoken English is mandatory.

How does it work?

  1. Every entrepreneur will need some support in one or more of the fields described above.
  2. Each mentor is matched with his/her specific field of expertise.
  3. G-Accelerator will require several mentors for any business fields (also, considering that a business field can often be divided into many sub-fields with different specifics) and a mentor book & database with mentor’s profiles, experience, and potential value that they can provide will be created.
  4. The G-Accelerator team and the entrepreneur will choose the mentors that they will like to work with.
  5. Once the mentor is selected he/she will be able to arrange a meeting with the entrepreneur. The meeting will typically last between one and two hours, every two weeks and for a maximum of 20 hours total per project.
  6. Also, mentors are required to send out the minutes of the meeting (a template will be provided).

How to apply?

The following is required to apply as a mentor:

g-accelerator mentor check CV

CV of the mentor

g-accelerator mentor check Motivational letter

Motivational letter (including fields of specialization and availability)

The documents are to be sent to the

For further clarification, feel free to contact to